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throw XX under the busというイディオムが使われていたので、紹介します。Leon Panetta前国防長官が回顧録を出したようで、オバマ大統領のリーダーシップを疑問視する箇所があるそうです。米国中間選挙直前のタイミングでもあり話題になっています。

Leon Panettaといってもピンとこない方がいらっしゃるかもしれません。映画好きなら『ゼロダークサーティ』でジェームズ・ギャンドルフィーニが演じていたCIA長官と言うとすこし分かりやすくなるでしょうか。

中間選挙直前で、民主党のパネッタ元長官がオバマ大統領の指導力を批判していることは、「身内の裏切り」と捉える人もいるでしょう。そんな時にthrow XX under the busというイディオムがピッタリだったようです。

Why Is Leon Panetta Throwing the President Under the Bus?
By JOHN GUIDA date published OCTOBER 10, 2014 6:24 AM date updated
October 10, 2014 6:24 am

With midterm Election Day approaching, you would expect to hear forceful criticisms of the president’s leadership. But you might not expect those criticisms to be made by a member of his own party, and an eminent former member of his own administration to boot.

Yet that is the case with Leon E. Panetta, the Democratic former secretary of defense and C.I.A. chief. In his memoir, “Worthy Fights,” and in a media blitz in support of it, he takes President Obama to task for not leaving troops in Iraq after 2011 and for dithering instead of acting in Syria.

And the president’s leadership? Mr. Panetta writes that he too often “relies on the logic of a law professor rather than the passion of a leader.”

Newshourの動画では、表立った批判はしていません。最初にPresident Obama has been a strong leader.と語り、オバマの功績を語りつつも、But this president has the ability to establish a strong legacy for the country.からは、これからオバマに期待することを語っています。このような話の運び方を学んでいきたいですね。

JUDY WOODRUFF: So we are four weeks away from the midterm election, and, right now, Republicans from Mitt Romney to Senate Republicans running in tight contests around the country are saying that — they’re citing you as proof that President Obama is weak. Do they have a point?

LEON PANETTA: Look, President Obama has been a strong leader.
He made a very tough decision with regards to the bin Laden raid, and it was a risky decision, but he made the right decision. He’s made the right decision in terms of helping the economy. He’s made the right decision in terms of health care. He’s been a president who really is trying to provide the right leadership for the country.
That doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t talk or disagree about certain elements of the leadership. That’s part of what goes on. But this president has the ability to establish a strong legacy for the country. We can do immigration reform. We can do a budget deal. We can improve health care delivery. We can get — be energy-independent.
Democrats, this president can present a strong agenda to the country. That’s what we’re — that’s what they ought to all run on, the ability to govern this country. And I think Republicans have a hard time, frankly, coming at that issue of governing this country because they, in the House in particular, are largely responsible for undermining government and its efforts to try to help people.
That should be the principal issue in this next campaign.

動画ではパネッタ元長官はISISという言葉を使っていました。USA Todayの動画でも同じです。