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リアルTOEIC Fundraiser

の紹介でさっそくサイトにいってみましたが、値段が値段でしたので。。。まあ、the best produce in the regionの意味がスッと取れるのはTOEICのおかげですね。

In Tokyo we’ll be serving a fixed menu. We’ll be leaving our ingredients at home and focusing our efforts on finding the best produce in the region to come up with a new menu. You can expect the meal to consist of a series of small servings followed by larger dishes, showing the best of the seasonal products available to us. Our wine pairing will show an emphasis on small-scale producers who have a careful, passionate engagement with the land. The drinks on the juice menu will be created by Noma’s sommeliers and our team of chefs to complement the dishes on the menu. There will be three menu options to choose from:
• Fixed Menu + Wine pairing: (40,200 Yen + 24,700 Yen)
• Fixed Menu + Juice pairing: (40,200 Yen + 16,500 Yen)
• Fixed Menu: (40,200 Yen, with an option to pay for wine or other beverages à la carte on the day)

来年の開店に合わせて、Fundraiserが開かれるようです。TOEIC頻出トピックでもあるのでこちらを確認してみます。このfundraiserという用語もここでは「資金集め担当の人」ではなくfundraising event(資金集めのイベント)という意味です。

a person who is responsible for collecting money for a political party, charity (= organization that gives money or help to those that need it), etc.:
She was a campaign fundraiser for two former Presidents.
a major/chief/political fundraiser

an event that people attend to make money for a political party, charity, etc.:
attend/hold/host a fundraiser During his US visit, the Prime Minister will attend a $100-a-head fundraiser.
annual/charity fundraiser

An Evening for MAD at Noma at Mandarin Oriental Tokyo
We're pleased to announce that on the evening of 28 January, we will be hosting a fundraiser at Noma at Mandarin Oriental Tokyo for MAD, the not-for-profit organization René Redzepi founded in 2011.

The menu for the evening will be the same one Noma will be serving throughout its stay in Tokyo, so this is another opportunity for those who have not been able to secure a place for Noma's Tokyo relocation to visit the restaurant.


Where your funds go
Funds from this event will be used to support MAD's forthcoming initiatives. Among these projects is MAD5, or MADGO, the fifth installment of the MAD Symposium, which will focus on ways those in the restaurant trade can take action to improve their communities.

A note to our American patrons: your financial support for this event is tax deductible.


this is another opportunity for those who have not been able to secure a place for Noma's Tokyo relocation

A note to our American patrons