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映画『ジャージーボーイズ』 にはそれほど興味がなかったのですが、メンバーとしてだけでなく作曲も手がけていたBob GaudioのインタビューがFresh Airで再放送されていたのを何気なく聞きました。

How The Four Seasons Clashed, Dealt With The Mob And Made Lasting Hits
September 09, 2014 2:33 PM ET

Four Seasonsに入る前にタモリ倶楽部でおなじみのあの曲にも関わっていたのですね。

GROSS: So before you were in The Four Seasons, you were in The Royal Teens and had the hit when I think you were 15 years old of "Short Shorts," a novelty hit. And this is included on the new collection "Audio With A G: Sounds Of Jersey Boy," and it's a collection of songs that you wrote - including Four Seasons recordings and recordings by others - so here's your first hit, The Royal Teens, "Short Shorts."

THE ROYAL TEENS: (Singing) Oh, man, dig that crazy chick. Who wears short shorts? We wear short shorts. They're such short shorts. We like short shorts. Who wears short shorts? We wear short shorts.
GROSS: That's The Royal Teens recorded in 1958 with my guest Bob Gaudio doing what in the band? Are you singing and playing piano?
GAUDIO: Singing and playing piano, if you could call it singing.
GROSS: So how did you come up with the idea of this song? It's an era of novelty songs, though, I mean, this is 1958. Also hits that year - David Seville's "Witch Doctor," Sheb Wooley's "Purple People Eater," The Coasters "Yakety Yak." So, you know, novelty songs are significant on the charts.
GAUDIO: Oh, gee, I thought that was going to go down in the annals of serious music.
GROSS: (Laughter).
GAUDIO: How did we miss that? Truthfully it was original - an original instrumental that we played in churches and parking lots and Italian weddings and bar mitzvahs around town in northern New Jersey. And I believe we were playing at a church basement somewhere, and a group called The Three Friends had a hit at the time called "Blanche" - and we were backing them up as instrumentalists.
A manager, to make a long story short, said, hey, you guys sound pretty good. Why don't you come see me? We went and made a little demo - he was an instrumental - and he said, you know, they're not selling too much anymore. We should look at doing something, I don't know, a chant. Anyway, Tom Austin and I were driving up the drag strip, as we called them, on Saturday night in Bergenfield...
GROSS: In New Jersey, yeah.
GAUDIO: Yeah, New Jersey. On the corner a couple of lovely ladies standing there with short shorts, and there you go. It was pretty simple.